What is Work Experience?
Work experience (also known as a traineeship or an internship) is a system whereby secondary school students, university students and recent graduates go on a placement with an employer. This can be a summer placement, during a gap year, as an education programme requirement or for professional benefit.

Who Provides Work Experience?
The possible work experience providers are unlimited and may include fashion designers, city law firms, media companies, graphic designers, finance corporations, I.T. specialists, charities, engineering firms, hospitals, public relations consultancies or any other area or type of organisation. The exact position depends on the applicant's qualifications, ability and desire and the employer's willingness to hire. The more prestigious the organisation is, the more difficult it usually is to find a position.

What are the benefits?
Work experience is an important part of any young person's education. Its many benefits to students include:
* Discovering whether a career of interest is for them.
* Exchanging ideas with industry professionals
* Developing networks with potential future employers
* Experiencing working life and all this entails
* Improving their CV or resume

Is Work Experience Paid?
Yes and no. Students generally volunteer to work for the experience alone and a salary is not given. However, some placements may be paid and or employers may contribute towards expenses.

How is Work Experience Organised?
The work experience placement may be organised by your school or by the student themselves. If the school does not have any suitable places left, a student can either cold-call businesses or use one's friends and relatives to help find a position.